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Customer stories

Don’t just take our word about employee benefits from Unum. Take it from those who know us best. These testimonials are real-life stories about our customers — individuals who depended on us during tough times and companies that offer Unum benefits to their workers.


  • After suffering a stroke, Unum benefits and service help customer N. Vincent focus on his new health reality

    Having your financial life interrupted can be devastating, but Long Term Disability and Individual Disability Insurance benefits allow a Unum Customer to continue to provide for his family.

  • Unum benefits help customer Dan Blasini prepare for new life after serious injury cost him his leg
  • Customer Barbara McGee shares her experience with Unum and how her disability benefits helped her maintain her lifestyle
  • Lisa Goin says her benefits and Unum employees made a significant difference in getting her back to work

    Lisa Goin shares her experience with Unum and how her long term disability benefits helped her provide for her family and return to work after a serious injury.

  • Chester Jandzio’s whole life survivor benefit means a lot to his wife of 57 years.

    An accountant by trade and Depression survivor, Chester Jandzio realized the importance of investing in the future and making sure his loved ones were taken care of if the unexpected occurred. That's why he invested in a Unum life insurance policy.

  • Janice Waligroski uses her voluntary benefits to pay down debt and make life as comfortable as possible before retirement

    When complications from surgery forced Janice Waligroski to take early retirement, she expected the loss of income would be tough on her and her husband. But she wisely used her voluntary short term disability benefit from Unum to make life as comfortable as possible.

  • Short-term voluntary disability helps Mike Wallace pay off debts before retirement

    Mike Wallace shares his experience with Unum and how voluntary benefits helped him protect his finances and plan for the future.

  • Renee Schmidt appreciates Unum’s role in getting her back on her feet

    Renee Schmidt says the individualized concentration on her needs was wonderful and attributes her successful return to work to two Unum employees.

  • Unum disability benefits help Chantelle Hobgood bear physical and mental burdens of MS

    Chantelle Hobgood's multiple sclerosis has gotten progressively worse over the last 10 years. Faced with an unknown future, she’s thankful for the support and the benefits she receives from Unum to help her through her ordeal.

  • Unum disability benefits help customer take care of his family's bills and cost of living

    Customer Joel Canfield was grateful that disability coverage from Unum helped him regain his financial footing after a construction accident left him unable to work.