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Below is a listing of recent articles by Unum business leaders, interviews including comments from Unum executives, and reports on research by Unum officials discussing topics of relevance to employers.

Unum in the News

  • CIO Review

    Contact centers may exist to answer customer calls, but these organizations can do a whole lot more than just pick up the phone. With new technology and more customer-centric analysis behind them, these hubs of conversation are equipped with the know-how and tools to shape business strategy, put answers at the fingertips of customers and use deep-dive data to provide stellar experiences.

  • Employee Benefit News

    Benefits provider Unum will begin offering stop-loss insurance to self-insured employers as early as this summer.

    The product, which gives employers more flexibility in designing and managing their health plans, protects companies if their employees’ medical claims exceed expectations.

  • GOBankingRates

    Millennials — young, healthy and strong — are unlikely to worry about a disability leaving them unable to work. But a 20-year-old worker has a 1-in-4 chance of becoming disabled before reaching age 67, according to the Social Security Administration.

    "The chances of becoming ill or injured are much higher than anyone thinks," said Jocelyn Grega, assistant vice president of consumer development at Unum, a workplace benefits provider.

  • Hispanic Career World

    Hispanic professionals seeking security, innovation and growth can bank on jobs in banking, finance and insurance. Unum's Hernandez-Johnson puts family protection at the forefront.

  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    Forty percent of working Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and will struggle financially if they become disabled or suffer an injury and lose work time. And one in four 20-year-olds will have a disability over the span of their careers. Yet not everyone thinks about protecting their income, according to Unum Mutual senior vice president Steven Joseph, who oversees individual disability operations at the downtown Worcester location.

  • Chattanooga Times Free Press

    The white stone exterior of Unum's headquarters may not look any different, but within the downtown headquarters of the Chattanooga-based insurer new work stations are taking shape to create a more open, collaborative and brighter environment.

  • Insurance News Net

    A new law in Maine has insurance experts hoping tax incentives and opt-out provisions will boost the slow-growth disability income insurance market and help employers replace skilled workers in a tight labor market.

  • Advisor Magazine

    Dental and vision insurance have often been overlooked historically, but the coverages are increasingly becoming an essential part of a comprehensive benefits package.

  • Employee Benefit News

    Brokers share their go-to supplemental sales partners, including Unum and Colonial Life, in EBA’s annual VB survey.

  • Mainebiz

    The cluster of a least half a dozen disability insurers around Portland may be one of the state's better kept secrets, but Unum US, which triggered the trend, is poised to break that silence with the recent acquisition of dental and vision products, plans for additional supplemental insurance and exponential growth that boosted aggregate sales by more than $600 million over the past five years.