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Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word about employee benefits from Unum. Take it from those who know us best. These testimonials are real-life stories about our customers — individuals who depended on us during tough times and companies that offer Unum benefits to their workers.

Customer Testimonials

  • 12/2/16

    Roger V. started working when he was 8, mowing lawns and performing other odd jobs to earn a buck. His strong work ethic carried into his teens and college, where he paid his way through school. After graduation, he became a highly successful senior manager on Wall Street.

  • 10/20/16

    Cara Davidson spent 13 years as a pediatric nurse in an intensive care unit before a herniated disk in her neck, followed by a rare infection, forced her to give up her career.

  • 6/30/16

    When 14-year police veteran Chris Sciolino reported for duty in June 2014, the last thing he expected was to have an accident involving a knife on a gun range.

  • 3/31/16

    Lisa Goin was resigned to the fact that her arm simply wasn’t going to get better. In 2012, Goin injured her wrist and forearm at work and it left her in constant pain and unable to grasp objects.

  • 3/3/16

    Renee Schmidt has been an athlete for a long time and works as a physical therapist. So she knows a thing or two about the human body and recovering from injury.