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Employee benefits make a big difference in a customer's quality of life

Customer Leigh Woods praises Unum for honest, meaningful work


Leigh Woods is a Southern girl who grew up working. She got her first job when she was just 13 years old and says working over the years became part of her identity.

“I had visions of working indefinitely because it gave me independence and really defined me as a person,” she said. “I felt really overwhelmed when my disability threatened to take that part of my life away. I tried everything I could to keep working, but I just couldn’t. It was devastating to me.”

In 2002, multiple health issues and chronic pain forced Leigh to leave her job. She was 52 years old and didn’t know what she would fall back on until she was reminded of her Long Term Disability policy with Unum.

“When I signed up for disability insurance, I was healthy, relatively young and didn’t think I’d ever need it; I was buying peace of mind,” she explained. “But, my, how things can change. Unum provided me with security that I wasn’t finding anywhere else, because I knew I had my disability benefit coming in during a very uncertain time of my life.”

When another insurance company asked Leigh to get her medication from one of its preferred pharmacies, she agreed. Then the company abruptly stopped covering her medicine. Without her Unum benefits, Leigh said she might have been forced to make a tough decision between buying medicine and paying her other bills.

“Fortunately, my disability benefits helped me pay for my medicine out of pocket and keep up with my other living expenses,” she said. “I did get reimbursed years later, but that didn’t help me when the bills kept coming in and I needed my medication.”

This year Leigh turned 65, which means she has reached her maximum benefit period of payment and will no longer receive payments from Unum.

In a letter to Unum Benefit Coordinator Lisa Lanham, Leigh wrote how grateful she was for Lisa’s commitment to her over many years.

“Often you have gone the extra mile when you didn’t have to do so. I was very moved by your letter telling me my benefits were ending soon so that I could prepare in case this impending event had escaped my notice. Then you sent another letter to make extra sure that I knew. This is typical of the respect, compassion and professionalism that you have demonstrated throughout the years,” she wrote.

As the person overseeing Leigh’s claim, Lisa insists the spotlight shouldn’t shine on her alone, but rather the entire Long Term Disability department at Unum.

“This department’s goal is to provide the best customer experience all the way through the customer’s maximum payment period,” she said. “I’m proud to be a part of that experience and to work with such great colleagues who are committed to providing exemplary customer service.”  

Leigh said whatever problems she had with other insurance companies, she knew she could count on Unum.

“Please know Unum has made a significant difference in the quality of my life, and I’m so grateful,” she said.

Testimonial Description:

Customer thanks Unum for delivering respect, compassion and professionalism over the length of her long term disability claim.

Leigh Woods