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Corporate social responsibility

  • Joe Foley - Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
    Joe Foley
    Expertise: CSR, Sustainability, Public Policy

    Joe Foley is senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Unum Group. In this capacity, Mr. Foley is responsible for all corporate marketing, communications, government affairs and community relations. Additionally, he oversees the company’s reinsurance operations in Europe and the United States.


Benefits trends and workplace issues

  • Eileen Farrar
    Eileen Farrar
    Expertise: Human resources and employee group benefits

    Eileen Farrar is the senior vice president of human resources and has served in this capacity since 1994. Ms. Farrar is responsible for all operations of human resources, including training and management development, compensation and benefits, staffing, executive compensation, work environment philosophy

  • Phil Bruen - Vice President of Large Case National Practice
    Phil Bruen
    Expertise: Workplace productivity and absence management

    Phil Bruen is vice president of large case national practice.

  • Bilda Acuña Assistant Vice President of Hispanic Markets
    Bilda Acuña
    Expertise: Hispanic Marketing

    Bilda Acuña is assistant vice president of Hispanic markets. She can share her expertise on Hispanic demographic trends, marketing strategy and benefit communication needs.

  • Andrea Gordon - Integrated benefits and Simply Unum
    Andrea Gordon
    Expertise: Integrated benefits and Simply Unum

    Andrea Gordon is vice president of the Simply Unum National Practice and can discuss the importance of effective education and enrollment programs.

  • Bill Dalicandro - vice president of enrollment
    Bill Dalicandro
    Expertise: Employee education and enrollment

    Bill Dalicandro is vice president of enrollment and can discuss enrollment programs and the importance of effective benefits education.

  • Chris Jerome - senior vice president of Unum’s risk operations
    Chris Jerome
    Expertise: Risk management

    Chris Jerome is senior vice president of Unum’s risk operations. As the head of risk operations, he oversees claims management activities for Unum's US operations, including long term disability, long term care, short term disability, life and voluntary benefits.

  • Diane Garofalo Senior Vice President for Benefit Operations
    Diane Garofalo
    Expertise: Disability trends and claims management

    Diane Garofalo is senior vice president for benefit operations. She oversees the company's overall claims management for the long term disability, individual disability and long term care product offerings.

  • Mike Simonds - Senior Vice President for Growth Operations
    Mike Simonds
    Expertise: Benefits Industry Trends and Issues

    Mike Simonds is senior vice president for growth operations. He is responsible for marketing, product development, integrated underwriting, channel management, service and enrollment operations for Unum US.


Products and underwriting

  • Debbie Cecil - Director of Product and Market Development
    Debbie Cecil
    Expertise: Life insurance

    Debbie Cecil is director of product and market development and can speak to the intricacies of various life insurance products.

  • Kathy Plummer - Director of Product and Market Development
    Kathy Plummer
    Expertise: Group disability

    Kathy Plummer is the director of product and market development. She can discuss the design, marketing and integration of new and enhanced group product offerings.

  • Guy Bertsch - Vice President of Long Term Care
    Guy Bertsch
    Expertise: Long term care insurance and underwriting

    Guy Bertsch is vice president of long term care and voluntary benefits underwriting.

  • Branden Pierson - National Sales Leader of Executive Benefits
    Branden Pierson
    Expertise: Multi life individual disability/executive benefits

    Branden Pierson is national sales leader of executive benefits.Read Branden's articles about individual disability insurance.

  • Neiciee Durrence Vice President, Voluntary Practice Leader for Unum
    Neiciee Durrence
    Expertise: Voluntary benefits

    Neiciee Durrence is vice president, voluntary practice leader for Unum. She is responsible for coordination of the cross-functional management team focused on voluntary benefits.

  • Mary Ann - Assistant Vice President of Product and Market Development
    Mary Ann Beliveau
    Expertise: Benefits industry trends and issues

    Mary Ann Beliveau is assistant vice president of product and market development.

  • Tim Arnold Senior Vice President of Integrated Underwriting
    Tim Arnold
    Expertise: Underwriting

    Tim Arnold is vice president of integrated underwriting, which is responsible for underwriting group disability, life, long term care and voluntary benefits products.

Finance and investments

  • Breege A. Farrell, CFA
    Breege A. Farrell, CFA

    Breege Farrell is senior vice president and chief investment officer for Unum Group. In this role, Ms. Farrell is responsible for designing and overseeing Unum’s investment and asset management strategies, including maintaining a balanced portfolio of investments to optimize investment performance within the company’s risk management guidelines.

  • Rick McKenney - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Rick McKenney
    Expertise: Financial Strategy

    Rick McKenney is executive vice president and chief financial officer for Unum Group.

Technology and information security

  • Lynda Fleury - Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
    Lynda Fleury
    Expertise: Information Security

    Lynda Fleury is vice president and chief information security officer

  • Kathy Owen - Senior Vice President, Global Chief Information Officer
    Kathy Owen
    Expertise: IT Strategy

    Kathy Owen is senior vice president, global chief information officer.

  • Bob Best - Executive Vice President of Global Business Technology
    Bob Best
    Expertise: IT Strategy

    Bob Best is executive vice president of global business technology.