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  • 4/25/13 10:00 am EDT
    As health care reform triggers changes across the benefits industry, Unum is teaming up with benefits partners who are accelerating the development of private insurance exchanges. These exchanges offer a wide range of benefit options, allowing for greater choice, cost control and convenience to employees, their employers and brokers. Private benefit exchanges will increase access to employer-sponsored financial protection benefits, particularly to employees at small and midsize businesses, andmore...
  • 10/4/12 2:30 pm EDT

    But return-to-work numbers have slipped for those on long term disability

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than twice as many people who have battled breast cancer are returning to work after short term disability leave, according to internal data from Unum (NYSE:UNM), the leading provider of disability benefits through the workplace. In 2009, nearly 64 percent of people on short term disability leave due to breast cancer returned to work, a number that has climbed steadily from 28.8 percent in 2001. The encouraging increase likelymore...
  • 9/6/12 11:00 am EDT

    Make sure you know about options for life insurance to get the financial protection you need

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Here’s a tip about life: It’s OK to ease into it. In fact, we recommend a phased approach. And pay attention to the details. You’ll discover some hidden gems there. This advice is particularly geared to the 95 million adult Americans without life insurance. And to the millions of American workers who have some life insurance coverage, but not enough, according to the nonprofit LIFE Foundation. As the LIFE Foundationmore...
  • 7/23/12 2:00 pm EDT

    Center for Plain Language grants Unum a ClearMark Award for claims guide

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Simpler is better. That philosophy drives the approach Unum (NYSE:UNM) takes to customer communication, and recently earned the company a ClearMark Award from the Center for Plain Language. “This recognition is a great indication of the value of the work we’ve done to simplify our communications in every area of the business,” said Chris St. John, Consumer Strategy director at Unum. “Our industry is complex, so it’s a challengemore...
  • 7/10/12 11:00 am EDT

    Coverage can help take the financial sting out of summer mishaps

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Summer kicks off a time of family barbecues and outdoor fun, but for leading benefits provider Unum (NYSE: UNM) it also is a time for something else – accident claims. During summer, the company sees close to a 20 percent increase in accident claims for emergency room visits, follow-up treatments and fractures and lacerations. For the last two years, the number of accident-related claim payments during summer has averaged close to 15more...
  • 5/17/12 2:00 pm EDT

    Interactive site offers clear, real-world descriptions of what benefits are important at different stages of life and how those benefits work

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Everyone knows their benefits are important. But not everyone has the information they need to understand those coverages or to choose the right benefits at the right time. That’s why Unum (NYSE: UNM) created, a new site that offers engaging, real-world explanations of employee benefits. Customized for different stages of life, the site answers benefits questions for a range of perspectives -- from single workersmore...
  • 3/28/12 11:00 am EDT

    Group accident and enhanced group critical illness help address growing costs

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New group accident coverage and an enhanced group critical illness product from Unum (NYSE:UNM) offer employers and their employees new options for addressing the growing costs of health care. More than a decade of year-over-year increases in health insurance costs has propelled businesses to make significant adjustments in their benefits strategies. A leading trend includes shifting more benefit costs and decision-making to employeesmore...
  • 2/17/12 1:24 pm EST

    Heart-related conditions account for almost 30 percent of Unum’s critical illness claims

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Treatment of cardiovascular diseases accounts for about one of every 6 dollars spent on health care in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. American Heart Month in February is a perfect time to prepare ahead with financial protection against a critical illness, such as a heart attack, stroke or bypass surgery. “Recovering from a critical illness, such as a heart attack or stroke, can carry some prettymore...
  • 12/15/11 11:30 am EST

    Unum launches learning center to help brokers and employers keep up with changes

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Unum (NYSE:UNM) has launched a website on health care reform to help benefits professionals and businesses stay up to date on the changes and their effects. The site offers straightforward information and analysis through updates to health care reform law, reports and podcasts. “New health coverage requirements will significantly impact the way our sales partners and customers do business,” said Jim Hettenbach, director of marketmore...
  • 8/11/11 10:30 am EDT

    Consumer research drives enrollment and education site, benefits guides

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The principles behind simple, effective benefits education and enrollment drove the design of a new website with a shopping cart approach -- one of several tools Unum (NYSE:UNM) has developed to help simplify benefits decision-making. “We listen to consumers, ask them what works, what doesn’t and how we can most effectively support them in making benefits choices they feel good about,” said Stacy Gray, assistant vice president ofmore...