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Below is a listing of recent articles by Unum business leaders, interviews including comments from Unum executives, and reports on research by Unum officials discussing topics of relevance to employers.

2015 Articles

  • Benefits Selling (August 2015): Kathy O'Brien, vice president of voluntary benefits at Unum, talks about the VB market and the opportunities that that lie ahead for brokers.

  • California Broker (August 2015): Barron Dorf, senior market manager at Unum, shares his insights on emerging trends in the life insurance market.

  • Rough Notes (July 2015): Kathy O'Brien, vice president of marketing and product development at Unum, talks about the trends in the voluntary benefits market, including the influence the ACA is having on the workforce when it comes to choosing benefits.

  • Health Insurance Underwriter (May 2015): An article by Andy Gibson, vice president of short term disaiblity and leave management at Unum, on the value in having specialized teams to support customers with behavioral health claims.

  • California Broker (May 2015): Tom O'Keefe, VB regional practice leader at Unum, talks with the magazine about trends in the voluntary benefits market.

  • Life and Health Advisor (May 2015): An article by Kathy Plummer, director of product and market development at Unum, where she shares trends in the group disaiblity market and what these trends mean for the the way today's disability product plans are designed.

  • California Broker (April 2015): An article by Jake Jacob, director of health and productivity at Unum, about the challenges employers in California face when it comes to managing employee leave and absences, and why they should consider outsourcing this important task.

  • Lifehealthpro (April 2015): Kathy Plummer, director of product and market development at Unum, shares her thoughts on the stability of the group disability market and talks about the trends the company is seeing in this industry.

  • Lifehealthpro (February 2015): An article by Richard Shaffer, vice president of Unum's Enrollment Center of Excellence, on the value in understanding consumer behavior when it comes to purchasing benefits and how technology plays an important role.

2014 Articles

  • Best's Review (October 2014): Kathy Plummer, director of Product and Market Development, talks about the consumer need for disability insurance, new flexibility in plan designs and funding, and the growing momentum for auto-enrollment. This article also contains an interview podcast with Kathy.

  • LEADERS magazine (October 2014): Unum President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Watjen talks about the history and success of the company and shares his thoughts on the company's key priorities to ensure its market leadership.

  • Benefitspro (July 2014) Jeff Montag, vice president and managing director at Unum, talks about how health care reform offers brokers the opportunity to take a more consultative approach with their employer clients, particularly in the voluntary benefits market.

  • Rough Notes (July 2014): Unum US President and CEO Mike Simonds discusses trends in the disability market and what Unum is doing from a public policy standpoint, including seeking support from legislators on auto-enrollment for disability insurance.

  • California Broker (June 2014): Unum's Senior Account Executive Stacy Maloy discusses why brokers should be thinking about hospital indemnity insurance for their clients.

  • Life & Health Advisor (May 2014): Greg Breter, senior vice president of Unum’s Benefits Organization, shares the results from last year’s research by the Consumer Federation of America and Unum that demonstrates the benefits of long term disability insurance are both financial and emotional.

  • Employee Benefit News (January 2014): Marty McGuinness, vice president of Government Affairs at Unum, talks about the new Congressional Income Protection Caucus and the role Unum plays on Capitol Hill to help heighten awareness of the need for financial protection benefits in the workplace.

2013 Articles

  • CEO Tom Watjen joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss Obamacare:

    "Obamacare doesn't directly affect us, but does distract our clients," explains Tom Watjen, Unum Group president & CEO. He says the technical system is "just a piece of the puzzle." Watch the video here and see what else Tom had to say.

  • Leader's Edge (July/August 2013): Scott Maker, senior vice president of Government Affairs at Unum, discusses a survey by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and Unum that reveals the significant misconcpetions many American workers have when it comes to income-protection benefits and the important role they can play in the event of a disability.

  • Employee Benefit News (July 2013): Andrew Molloy, assistant vice president of Health Management Insurance Programs at Unum, share tips for employers on annual enrollment in a health care reform environment.

  • Workspan (August 2013): Barbara Nash, vice president of Corporate Research at Unum, shares year five of Unum's Employee Education and Enrollment research.

  • Forbes (September 2013): New research from Unum and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) tells a powerful story about the value of disability benefits.

  • Benefits Selling (July 2013): Stacey McDonald, director of Enrollment Operations at Unum, shares tips for brokers on annual enrollment in a health care reform environment.

  • US News and World Report (March 2013): Kristin Tugman, senior director of Health and Productivity at Unum, discusses the aging workforce and the value in employers adopting productive aging programs

  • Thanks to all the corporate controversies, CEO scandals, bailouts, and bankruptcies in recent years, investors have lost trust in some of the country’s largest public companies. However, even today, many corporations are models of openness and integrity.

  • CEO Tom Watjen joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the need for our products in the midst of a “tepid” economic environment. “We have found demand for the product despite the soft economic conditions,” Tom said.

    The discussion also addressed future growth and potential road blocks for our company and industry. Watch the video here and see what else Tom had to say.

2012 Articles

  • Rough Notes (July 2012) The success of a voluntary employee benefits program comes down to that moment when an employee pauses before a computer screen or a paper application form and decides whether to put an X in a product selection box.

  • Benefits Selling (June 2012) Scott Maker, senior vice president of Government Affairs at Unum, discusses how new partnerships and data are driving the important conversation of income protection. Maker also shares new research that, for the first time, quantifies the value of disability benefits.

  • Business Insurance Magazine (June 2012) With 24/7 operations and diverse staff needs, hospitals need to be as fully staffed as possible at any given time. So when it comes to handling employee absences - especially those of nurses - due to disability, a transitional return-to-work program is essential. Kristin Tugman, senior director of Health and Productivity at Unum, discusses best practices for developing a return-to-work program that succeeds.

  • Benefits Selling (May 2012) Branden Pierson, national sales leader of Executive Benefits at Unum, discusses how integrating group LTD and supplemental individual disability insurance (ID) provides better protection for both employees and employers.

  • Employee Benefits Advisor (March 2012) Neiciee Durrence, vice president of Voluntary Benefits at Unum, discusses the value of critical illness insurance and how it can fill in gaps of coverage that medical insurance does not address, giving families peace of mind at a time when they need it most.

2011 Articles

  • HR Magazine (September 2011): An insert in this issue of HR magazine outlines Unum's research into workplace priorities, benefits education and how better benefits help build a more engaged workforce.
  • Benefits Selling (September 2011): This article features Unum's research into how employees make benefits decisions and how employers and benefits providers can support them in that process.

  • Forbes (August 2011): New research from Unum and Charles River Associates is highlighted in this article on the role of workplace benefits in protecting millions of Americans from poverty.

  • CNBC Squawk Box (July 25, 2011): President and CEO Tom Watjen discusses the financial fragility of working Americans and the role the benefits industry can play as part of the solution.

  • HR Executive Online (July 2011): With more people living and working longer, and medical treatments becoming ever more effective, a growing number of cancer patients are returning to work after long-term-dis­ability leave.

  • Chattanooga Times Free Press (June 2011) Unum's financial leaders explain the company's successful investment strategy in an article that contrasts Unum's stable financial performance to losses by a competitor because of its exposure to Greek and Portuguese debt.

  • Best's Review (June 2011): Against the Odds. Jake Jacob, a director in Unum's National Client Group, discusses the effects of the recession on disability claims trends.

  • Employee Benefit Advisor (May 2011): Work with the CLASS Act to boost LTC sales. Guy Bertsch, vice president of Long Term Care for Unum discusses the CLASS Act and how it has given much-needed attention to the issue of long-term care and reinforces the need to plan for the costs of that care.

  • Benefits Selling (April 2011): Great Expectations. More employers and highly compensated employees recognize the need for individual disability insurance. While brokers and employers agree on a number of key carrier attributes, there can be a disconnect when it comes to something else that's important. Unum's Branden Pierson explains.



  • Employee Benefit News (March 2011): Back into the fold. A Unum customer who successfully returned to work after a disability is profiled in this article about helping workers re-join the workforce following a disability.


2010 Articles