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  • 9/3/14 9:11 am EDT

    Ratings of benefits education tied to workplace satisfaction

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This enrollment season, employees have a message for employers about their benefits: Tell us more, please. Only 33 percent of employees who were asked to review benefits in the prior year rated the benefits education they received as excellent or very good – a drop from 2012 (37 percent) and a reversal to the upward trend in ratings since 2009. In addition, in 2013, nearly three in 10 (27 percent) rated their benefits education as fairmore...


  • Chester
    Chester Jandzio’s whole life survivor benefit means a lot to his wife of 57 years.

    An accountant by trade and Depression survivor, Chester Jandzio realized the importance of investing in the future and making sure his loved ones were taken care of if the unexpected occurred. That's why he invested in a Unum life insurance policy.